Today’s Wisdom

I’ve always believed that if you learn something new every day then it was a good day.  You’re moving forward, becoming wiser, and it results in generating new thoughts (though possibly losing other tidbits of knowledge in the process – yikes!).

And we can all do it without even trying that hard.  Read an article.  Listen to your friend or spouse.  Flip the page on your “Word of the Day” calendar.  “Google” something.  It doesn’t really need to be a time consuming task and you don’t have to become an expert by the end of day.

Well, in the technology field, this learning is fast and furious.  It’s constantly changing every moment of the day and its pretty much impossible to stay on top of it all.  But we sure try.

This is my daily technology learnings that I choose to share.  Sorry, only my psychiatrist gets to hear what I’ve learned emotionally or metaphysically.  I do hope it adds to your wisdom.