About us

Based in Scarborough Ontario Canada, we provide a complete set of computer services for whatever your needs – from providing simple advice to full systems development and implementation. Whether you are looking for a new computer network and servers, or need an e-commerce website, we are dedicated to providing the best service to meet your ever-changing needs.

We spend the time to understand our client’s business before proposing a solution. Together we will produce a winning strategy that meets your company’s goals. In doing so, we will develop a long lasting business relationship – with solid IT solutions your business can depend on.

We will never advise you to do anything that offers you no real advantage over what you are doing already. The solution is never about the technology but rather the impact on your business strategy. Will the proposed solution save you time, money, frustrations, or create greater customer impact? Technology should always be how it can work for you and your business.

WorkingBits will work with you, supporting you and your business while you reach your goals – on your terms.

We're different!

  • On-Site Service
  • On-Call Service
  • Low 2-Tiered Rates
  • We work to YOUR schedule
  • NO Overtime Rates
  • ZERO Mark-up on Purchases

And how are we special?

On-Site Service

We come to you!  No more lugging your failing equipment to a service depot or big box store only to find out they can’t look at it for a week.  And if it’s a manufacturer service location, you’ll need to backup your hard disk first as they may find the need to restore to it’s original state (oh my!  what happened to my data?). Wouldn’t it be better if a technician arrives at your office and fixes the problem on the spot in the shortest possible time?

On-Call Service

This means, NO CONTRACTS!  Tired of paying for services you never end up using? Service contacts can often make you feel like you’re throwing good money out the window. This is why Working Bits believes hourly based services is best for most small businesses for you only pay for the services you actually receive, and when you receive them. No contractual obligations. No monthly fees. No waiting on services you’ve already paid for.