Project Management

Working Bits is more than just an on-call service provider. We want to work with you to implement your technology vision and meet your deadlines so that your business grows and prospers.

compassiWe’ve seen too many times though, when a larger than normal project is undertaken, improper or lackadaisical management which results in cost overruns and missed deadlines. Common reasons for this could be:

  • Unclear definition of project
  • Improper staffing with over committed workloads
  • Lack of methodology
  • Poor communication between stakeholders and project participants
  • Improper management of project changes
  • Inadequate or non-existent project tracking
  • Problems being ignored

documentsWorking Bits follows proven Project Management Principles and works with you to not only plan appropriately prior to the project, but also facilitate communication, monitoring, and problem resolution practices that will lead to success for your project and ultimately your business.

Give Working Bits a call before your next IT project and let our experience share in your success.