Website Development

Working Bits strives to provide effective and affordable websites to small businesses. We take the time to guide you through the steps and educate you on the pieces that make up your web presence and of course encourage you to participate in as many aspects as you feel comfortable. We believe in taking the mystery out of websites so that clients can utilize the medium to its fullest.

Working Bits assists their clients regularly in the following areas:

  • net-connectionsRegistering a domain name (at market rates below $15/year and legally registered to the client – be careful when you allow others to do this for you)
  • Choosing a hosting company and features befitting the need (for less than $10/month – don’t be fooled by high rates)
  • Setting up email accounts, email software and education on how to use
  • Custom Website design or assistance in utilizing an existing template that fits your budget
  • Merging additional features into your web presence like eCommerce, memberships, Blogs, forums, etc.
  • Building custom features and developing databases utilizing PHP,.NET, MySQL, and/or Microsoft Server
  • Regular maintenance and content management
  • Search Engine Optimization

Let Working Bits be your web technology partner, as we know you will not be disappointed.