Network Management

networkNetworks are a wonderful thing. They assist in the sharing of peripherals like printers, scanners and faxes. Networks also allow multiple people to connect to the internet simultaneously through a single internet provider. But most important, networks allow for centrally controlled and secure sharing of your data.

Working Bits can assist with these network advantages and more:

  • Centralized backup process and procedures
  • Centralized Email management
  • Secure user access and application sharing
  • Wireless and mobile capabilities
  • Increasing your network security
  • Setup and configuration of remote access capabilities
  • Device and traffic monitoring

serversWhether you’re planning a new network or just need your existing network maintained and managed, Working Bits’ professional and expert network engineers can help you quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Our goal is to work with you to implement your technology vision and meet your deadlines using mainstream technologies: we make your technology dollar go farther.