What we do! On-site, On-call Computer Repair and Consulting

Working Bits is your complete resource for professional computer consulting, maintenance and repair services in the East Toronto, Scarborough and Durham areas. We apply big business knowledge and experience to a business owner’s unique needs. From providing short-term advice to becoming your long-term technology partner, Working Bits can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best. With over thirty five years as consultants to business, with a personal entrepreneurial perspective, Working Bits can be your competitive edge.

And What Makes Us Special?

Super Low 2-Tier Rates

Really simple low rates. $130 / hour for all your desktop, laptop, and printer woes – you know, all that easy stuff you just don’t want to deal with today. $150 / hour for the harder stuff like your business servers, office network, Cloud Service management, software development, etc.

On-Site Service

We come to you!  No more lugging your failing equipment to a service depot or big box store only to find out they can’t look at it for a week.  And if it’s a manufacturer service location, you’ll need to backup your hard disk first as they may find the need to restore to it’s original state (oh my!  what happened to my data?). Wouldn’t it be better if a technician arrives at your office and fixes the problem on the spot in the shortest possible time?

On-Call Hourly Service

This means, NO CONTRACTS!  Tired of paying for services you never end up using? Service contacts can often make you feel like you’re throwing good money out the window. This is why Working Bits believes hourly based services is best for most small businesses for you only pay for the services you actually receive, and when you receive them. No contractual obligations. No monthly fees. No waiting on services you’ve already paid for.

We work to YOUR schedule.

You’re busy, so when can you find the time for a technician? Simple!  Why not schedule a qualified techniciant o  show up when you’re NOT busy.  Wow!  Can this be done?  No more waiting for that illusive 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm time slot appearance?  Is this even possible?  Of course it is.  Sure we make fun of it because we’ve all experienced it but scheduling really isn’t that magical.  Let us know what time you’d like Working Bits to show up and we will.  Couldn’t be more magical.

NO Overtime Rates

Computer problems seem to happen at the worst times? Yup, just like your car.  Computer problems pop up at the most inconvenient times and you need it fixed right away.  So why not call Working Bits and schedule a 6pm appointment, or a 7am appointment or a weekend appointment if you’re so inclined.  The rates don’t change so there is nothing preventing you from making an appointment which is convenient for your schedule.

0% Markup on Purchases

Nope, we don’t mark up our expenses!  Solution implementations or repairs often require third party software or parts – that’s expected.  The surprise though is finding out that $75 part is going to cost you $150 due to markup.  It’s a common practice in many professions but Working Bits still doesn’t agree with it.  We will obtain approval before purchasing items on your behalf AND we’ll supply the actual receipt so you know exactly what we paid for it and for your warranty needs.  Honest business practices is what we believe in.

Unbiased Advice

Working Bits are not resellers or a retail shop.  Too often we have found our new clients have been been put into technology situations which have not been best fits.  Sometimes due to changes over time but also sometimes due to biases resulting from reseller / retail influences.  If Working Bits believes your business would benefit from a connection or service, we will put you in touch with that company or contact them on your behalf.  We would NEVER resell a service and put us in between you and your ultimate supplier.  Sure we like some manufacturers or software providers over others, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right solution for all clients all the time.  Working Bits keeps this distance because we just want to remain unbiased and honest and looking out for YOUR best interest.

Fast, Immediate Remote Service when Needed

Working Bits loves to fix things fast.  There is absolutely no joy in our day spent driving to your business during rush hour for something that could take moments to repair.  If we think we can fix your issue using a Remote Access connection, we’ll suggest so and with your agreement and minor assistance we’ll have that little quirk resolved and you back on your planned path for the day.  We like easy and we know you do too.

  • I enjoyed working with Stephen right from the get go – he is personable and professional. I’m thrilled to have met Stephen through Alignable and look forward to having him working along with us in the future as our business expands.

    Keith Evans
    Personable & Professional
  • Stephen/Working Bits has been our go to tech support for several years. He always responds promptly and is tireless when troubleshooting issues for us. He has a flexible, professional and personable approach that makes solving our problems pain-free. We highly recommend him.

    Swansea Town Hall
    Responds Promptly
  • As my business has grown Stephen has been phenomenal in helping me scale up with minimal effort adding new staff and capabilities to our operations. He has an uncanny knowledge of all things I.T. and seems able to solve any issue that might arise. Today our office runs smoothly and efficiently whether we are in the office or working remotely.

    Glenn Davis
    Has Been Phenomenal
  • We work often with Working Bits. We find their responses timely and very helpful. Our IT issues have been fewer since we started working with them and when the issues do arise we are more relaxed as Working Bits typically can help us implement a quick and total fix. The odd time we have had a major issue or project Working Bits have stepped up, listened to what we have wanted to do and done what is required to secure the outcome we’ve sought.

    James Lisson
    Timely and Very Helpful
  • Responsive, effective, efficient, professional, honest, dignified and extremely knowledgeable and client centered. Reasonable rates and has my highest recommendation.

    Bob Murdoch
    Professional & Honest
  • I would strongly recommend Steve as an IT adviser. He has an in depth knowledge of both software and hardware which spans 20+ years – and he brings practical solutions for a reasonable price. He is particularly competent in the owner/manager business space and is also well experienced with personal laptops. Steve is results oriented and responsive- he is top of the list when you have IT issues.

    Bob Paul
    Practical Solutions for a Reasonable Price
  • For almost 10 years Stephen Bunt providing outstanding service. He is highly knowledgeable, always responding without delays, very reliable, always ready to help. I would strongly recommend him for IT service.

    Tatiana Ignakova
    Always Ready to Help
  • Excellent and prompt service at reasonable rates. Highly recommended

    Tristar Gold
    Prompt Service
  • Stephen has been my computer guy for 3 years now. He came highly recommended and he has still exceeded my hopes and expectations. He knows his stuff inside and out and his customer service and manner are exemplary. Always a pleasure to deal with him.

    Bard Azima
    Exceeded my Hopes and Expectations
  • It’s Monday morning and I’m ready to tackle another week. I turn on the computers and send some documents to the printer but none of the printers are working properly. I spend the next hour and a half on the phone with technicians to no avail. It’s almost noon and I’ve got nothing done. Then I remember Stephen. I hang up on the technician and call him. He walks in the door 20 minutes later and within the hour everything is back to normal. I don’t know what he did and frankly I don’t care. He saves the day once again. Not all heroes wear capes!

    Mohammad Khoshghalb, CPA, CGA
    Look! Up in the Sky
  • Steve is bullet proof competent and reliable….a critical support for any home-based business operator

    Mike Harper
  • As an entrepreneur, IT issues used to throw me into a panic! Not anymore. The moment I am slowed down, even in the slightest, I contact Stephen Bunt of Working Bits. In a short time frame I am up and running and delivering on my client’s expectations. I recommend Stephen to any other businesses who value friendly, efficient and professional service. Call Stephen!

    David Graham
    Call Stephen!
  • Best IT support in Toronto! Stephen is my go to support guy for all my computer needs. Just the other day he fixed my Lenovo camera which stopped working for no reason at all, and recently he helped un-crash my outlook. The best part is he does all this remotely so I can be anywhere in the world. Thanks Stephen and Working Bits, you’re the best!

    Sharon Miller
    Best IT Support in Toronto!
  • Morrison Financial has been using Working Bits as our main IT solutions for close to 10 years, and could not be happier. Would be a pleasure to provide additional feedback and/or references should any parties want them.

    Alex Tveit
    Could Not be Happier
  • Stephen Bunt / Working Bits has been very helpful with all my business and internet access needs . He’s helped at all hrs. when requested and I have had excellent results.

    Mike Brannigan
    Helps at all hours.

Some of the services we provide.

Computer Upgrades & Repairs

We recognize the cost and effect of system down-time on your business. So whether a repair or a component upgrade, WorkingBits comes to you at your convenence to reduce the impact on your organization.

Learn more

Desktop Maintenance

Are you having problems with your computer or laptop? Trying to meet a project deadline? Tired? Frustrated? We’ve all been there and the last thing you want to deal with is an uncooperative computer.

Learn more

Virus Repair & Prevention

WorkingBits’ repair technicians will come to your home or office and assess what the problem might be. If deemed to be a potential virus, we’ll scan your computer with state of the art virus detection software.

Learn more

Data Backup & Recovery

Why all the fuss when a computer stops working? Because your data on your computer is what is truly valuable.

Learn more

Network Management

Whether you’re planning a new network or just need your existing network maintained and managed, WorkingBits’ professional and expert network engineers can help you quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Learn more

Computer Consulting

WorkingBits is your link to understanding rapidly changing technology in business today. As independent consultants, we concentrate on providing solutions, not selling products.

Learn more

Website Maintenance

WorkingBits strives to provide effective and affordable websites to small businesses and we take the time to guide you through the steps.

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Project Management

WorkingBits is more than just an on-call service provider. We want to work with you to implement your technology vision and meet your deadlines so that your business grows and prospers.

Learn more

Software Development

Every now and then a business looks to increase it’s competitive advantage through technology and data they have collected. WorkingBits has the skills and experience to help.

Learn more

Email Migration

When you get frustrated with your current email service provider, it's likely time to migrate to a business class service. Working Bits can assist with the migration so you don't miss a client email.

Office Moves

There is so much to do with an office move, why not call Working Bits for help with all that ``Technical Stuff``. Trust us, you'll still be busy.