What Project Management app do you like?

What Project Management app do you like?

During my daily travels into the abyss, I came across a new app (well, new for me at least) – Trello.  Reviewers claim it to be a Project Management app, and if often compared to Asana (a tool I have used in the past).

Well I’m not going to compare the tools as there are many sources already out there

I would like you though to consider what you’re trying to get out of these tools before you decide on one.  Why I bring this up is historically a Project Management tool is used to plan and track projects of any size and with many champions (teams or individuals).  The overall purpose being to bring the project to success using the 3 often changing metrics – Money, Time and Scope.

Although some like to compare these “APPS” to full fledge desktop software, they are NOT in the same ballpark.  Neither have the sophistication of Microsoft Project (example) but I do like what they actually do offer – an easy way for anyone to organize a project and collaborate among a team in a simple fashion that they all will understand.  No need to understand the Art and Science of Project Management, just a task list on steroids.

When you read about Asana and/or Trello, you will likely notice that they don’t even call themselves Project Management software.  And don’t take me wrong, I do like these types of Apps.  Just please don’t refer to them as Project Management software.

(if you ever see a nuclear power plant being build using these Apps, MOVE far far away as quick as you can).